walk through the streets of New York


New York * feel the spirit—step by step

After having decided to fly to New York at short notice, I start asking myself the questions that all travellers ask themselves. Where will I sleep? What will I do for food? How am I going to get around? What do I want to see and experience in New York? What surprises will New York have in store for me? What will be there to inspire and enthral me? Is it really true that you go back home with new ideas, new elan? Get carried away? Be inspired? Like the founder of the coffee shop chain Balzac who laid the cornerstone of her company here in New York? With a thought, an idea, a feeling? Is it greater than the feeling that anything is possible here? If here, then everywhere? Or are people lamed by the the sheer size, the speed? Are people happy to get away from the hustle and bustle? To return to their modest way of living, the straightforward way of life? Do people living in Brooklyn ever venture into The Bronx? Or Manhattan? If you live in Manhattan do you go to Harlem at the weekend? Or does each New Yorker have their own little New York? Their own tiny private island in the million metropolis? Strung together, New York has more than ten thousand kilometres of road. Where, I ask myself, is the beginning and where is the end? What does it look like? Tourist New York? The New York of the New Yorkers? Ben the bootblack, Ayodele the CD hawker, Mrs. Melly looking for husband no. 6. They were all looking for happiness in New York. Did they ever find it there? Join me in a journey of discovery. From Harlem in the north to South Ferry right down in the south. From Brighton Beach in Brooklyn to houses adorned with graffiti to Long Island City.

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