Stars above Malibu * lesbian novel

Stars above Malibu

Lesbian novel

She was rooted to the spot, with the scrap of paper in her hand, as if she had been struck by lightning. The tears were for her. For her alone! The tears of one woman to another. She was dumbstruck. It couldn´t be true! Had she got the hopes of a woman up? Sharon was young, ten years younger. Surely it was only puppy love! Julia stared at the scrap of paper in her hand which was burning like fire. Then she looked back at Sharon who was rolled up in her bed. The Sharon who she had just been holding in her arms, had been stroking. The Sharon whose tears were still on her t-shirt. That was something she had never considered! She was "normal"! And yet, Julia had to admit that she thought not only of friendship when they saw Sharon…

Buch-ISBN: 978-3-929925-25-8 / 7,95 €

E-Book-ISBN: 978-3-929925-30-2 / 2,99 €